SUNY Geneseo Status
Update - We have clearly identified that many of the phone lines inside the cable are damaged beyond repair. We are beginning to research repair options.
Dec 4, 14:15 EST
Identified - Contractors working on the underground infrastructure project in the Sturges quad have damaged the cable that provides traditional voice telephone service to analog devices in Allegany, Wyoming, Genesee, Ontario, Erie, and Letchworth. This may be impacting fax lines, ATMs, gas meters, and emergency phones. We are still investigating to understand the full impact of the damage. VoIP telephones are not impacted by this issue.
Dec 4, 10:40 EST

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Welcome to the SUNY Geneseo Status Page for CIT. Here you will find live and historical data on system up-time and maintenance.

If you are experiencing issues please contact the CIT HelpDesk
Call: 585-245-5588

If you are looking to see if third party services are having issues you can check for their status at the DownDetector site at

Academic Services Operational
Canvas   Operational
Degree Works   Operational
Geneseo Mobile   ? Operational
KnightWeb   ? Operational
Administrative Systems Operational
APM Advancement Reporting   ? Operational
AppWorx   ? Operational
Argos   ? Operational
Banner   ? Operational
Docuware   ? Operational
PointNClick Electronic Medical Records   ? Operational
Symplicity Residence   ? Operational
Xtender - Banner Document Management System   ? Operational
Campus Services Partial Outage
Enterprise Backup   ? Operational
Electronic Locks   Operational
SAN (Storage Area Network)   ? Operational (JIRA)   ? Operational
Printing   ? Operational
VMWare Infrastructure   ? Operational
Telephone Services   ? Partial Outage
Software Center (SCCM)   ? Operational
Network & Wireless Operational
DNS   ? Operational
DHCP   ? Operational
Security Devices   ? Operational
ResNet   ? Operational
VPN   ? Operational
Wireless   ? Operational
Login Services ? Operational
CAS Server   ? Operational
SUNY Portal   Operational
Active Directory   ? Operational
Web Operational
Geneseo Website   ? Operational
Wiki   ? Operational
MyGeneseo   Operational
Google Operational
Google Apps Calendar   Operational
Google Apps Docs   Operational
Google Apps Drive   Operational
Google Apps Gmail   Operational
Google Apps Sheets   Operational
Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS) Operational
FourWinds Digital Signage   Operational
Degraded Performance
Partial Outage
Major Outage
Past Incidents
Dec 12, 2017

No incidents reported today.

Dec 11, 2017
This morning we became aware of a network issue that was preventing network authentication for wired devices in ResNet only. Users would be prompted repeatedly for network credentials without ever successfully completing the authentication process. This issue has been resolved and all network services have been returned to normal operational status.
Dec 11, 08:59 EST
Dec 10, 2017

No incidents reported.

Dec 9, 2017

No incidents reported.

Dec 8, 2017

No incidents reported.

Dec 7, 2017
Resolved - APM streamed data is current, but the warehouse will not be whole until early Friday morning. We need to re-stage a number of critical Banner tables.
Dec 7, 14:59 EST
Investigating - APM warehouse data is stale due to streams propagation issues. We expect that the warehouse may be unavailable all day.
Dec 7, 09:15 EST
Dec 6, 2017
Completed - Banner upgrades are complete. Impacted services are available: Banner9, Financial Aid, SOT/DegreeWorks.
Dec 6, 05:46 EST
Update - We also have Admissions updates (data corrections) to the following tables:
- spbpers
- sabyasc
- sorcont
Dec 5, 15:28 EST
Scheduled - Hello,

We have the following Banner upgrades/maintenance scheduled for early tomorrow morning:

Banner9 Admin Common release

Financial Aid TAP Estimator patches:
8s19575 - Campuses may have 'NOTUSE' as a gtvsdax entry for cohort settings.
8s19571 - Suny tuition credit calculator not working when called from banner form roaytap.
8s19581 - RPEYTAP - error when no students selected in rcrapp1 table

Student Outcome Tracking/DegreeWorks:
8s19550 - (1) Where SOT finds 2 Curriculums for a student both with the same Degree and Level, only the one with the Primary Major should be sent in the Audit Request.
- (2) Concentration not being picked up in SOT Audit.

Banner9, Financial Aid TAP Estimator and Student Outcome Tracking will be unavailable during the upgrades. I’ll be done by 7am.

- Linda
Dec 5, 15:21 EST
Dec 5, 2017

No incidents reported.

Dec 3, 2017

No incidents reported.

Dec 2, 2017

No incidents reported.

Dec 1, 2017

No incidents reported.

Nov 30, 2017

No incidents reported.

Nov 29, 2017

No incidents reported.

Nov 28, 2017

We have identified an issue where the outbound caller id on telephone calls placed from campus is incorrect.
We have not yet identified the cause of the problem.
This is not causing outbound calls to fail – they are not showing up correctly at the far end.
We will continue working on the issue tomorrow.
This issue was resolved at 12pm on 11/29